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These are some of the stuff which i think is useful or funny or just plain weird

Special Characters in HTML
(Learning stuff)
Picasa Web Albums Screenshots
How Two Russian Journalists Cooked an Egg with their Mobile Phones
Some Magic Tricks (Learning stuff)
Night after Gatari (Drunk man's game)
Animator vs Animation (Flash animation)
Falling Bush (Flash animation)
Excel Shortcuts (Learning stuff)
Bomb Laden (Flash game)
War of Icons (Flash animation)
Concentration Game
Whip the coworker (Flash game)
Catch 33 (Flash game)
Unusual Toilets of the World (Funny Pics)
Cool Mailboxes (Funny Pics)
Amazing Aerial Photography (Cool Pics)
Clouds before the storm (Cool Pics)
Color Conflict :
Right brain Vs. Left brain
Switch Places (Optical Illusion)
Creative Painting : Picture in Picture
64 = 65 ?? (Quiz)
Office File (Funny Pics)
How a HR writes love letter
What happens when u post your pic
on the net!
(Funny Pics)
Tech Gurus and their startups (Pics)
Street Art (Cool Pics)
Useful Vodka Tips (Learning stuff)
Double Vision Art (Optical Illusion)
Funny Out-Of-Office E-Mail Auto-Reply (Office Humor)
Ten Commandments at Work
(Office Humor)
7 Side effects of alcohol & remedies (Beer Humor)
What to do when the Boss is out (Office Humor Video)
What We Call The News (Funny Video)
Back Masking (Reverse Music)
Sonic Boom (Cool Pics)
Weird Architecture (Funny Pics)
Man or Woman - Hidden Picture
(Optical Illusion, for IE only :( )
Dont's of Powerpoint (Funny Video)
Amazing Water Fountains (Cool Pics)
Chopper (Flash game)
Amazing Face Painting - Fish (Cool Pics)
Beautiful China (Cool Pics)
Mens Underwear (Cool Ad) NSFW
Amazing Statues (Cool Pics)
BRAND Irony ! (Funny Pics)
My Resolution for 2008 (Funny Pics)
Never swallow your chewing gum (Funny Pics)
One Project - Different Views (Funny Pics) 

NSFW - Not Safe for Work

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