Do you think your neighbour's envy spoil your fortune?
What would you do if all the troubles in the world gets posted in your address only?

Obviously if you ask an Indian, he will have the ready answer: "nimbu-mirchi"! Yeah! Thats what Indian tradition suggests to evade a wicked eye or misfortune!

Its very simple... its all about, one lemon, seven green chillies, a piece of charcoal and a thread...! Charcoal tied at the end of the thread, lemon and seven green chillies are swen one after another. The strongest weapon to fight misfortune is ready! But in this e-world, where you are always at the threat of gettiing years of ill - luck, all because you don't forward a particular e-mail, I have come up with the idea of "e-limbu".

Just reply the chain mailer with the "e-limbu" link, and you are saved from bad fortune.

Why wait..? Get... Set... Go..!

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